Songs that ROCKED our World

The Centrestage band is back!

Centrestage celebrates its 25th birthday with a cracker new feel-good show “The Songs that ROCKED our World”.

The 8-piece line-up introduces extraordinary new talent as the hot guitar guru in town Dylan Du Plessis and multi-instrumentalist supremo Tiago Vital join the All-star line-up.

Gino Fabbri mixes comedy and drumming pyrotechnics and Wayne Kallis fronts with his superb classic rock renditions, whilst Tara-Jane Stern brings her up-front power and glamour to the fore. Stalwart keyboard whizz Khanya Matomela joins talented ace vocalist Thuba Myeki to complete the dynamic line-up of popular favourites.

“The Songs that ROCKED our World – The Super-Lekker Summer Tour”, pays tribute to our courageous spirit and celebrates the will to survive and overcome against the odds. The show is about grabbing life by the horns once more, picking yourself up, lifting your clutch and re-engaging your engine. Inspiring anthemic songs will entice the audience to sing along and feel good about embracing our new summer.

The Eastern Cape’s most popular entertainment company, Centrestage, was founded in 1997. They have staged a long series of hit shows such as The Magnificent 7, which was seen by no less than 100 000 people!

The show answers the questions “What role have the icons played on the course of rock n roll?” and “Who has had the greatest influence?” Is this Elvis, Freddy Mercury, The Beach Boys, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2 or Abba, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran?

Gino introduces two brand new comedy characters and the band gets the audience to sing-along in the most power-packed participation medley ever!

Two drum kits onstage will ignite some drumming pyrotechnics as guest drummer Russel Sneyd joins the fray to trade drum licks and showcase precision drumming along with Gino.

Classics such as Kate Bush’s Running Up the Hill, Tusk and In the Air tonight will get special drum treatment, while anthems such as Stand By Me, Fight Song, Shout, Girl on Fire, Roar, Don’t Stop Believing, Don’t Stop Me Now and We are The Champions will all get the blood flowing again!

The Super-Lekker Summer Tour is kindly sponsored by Sovereign, Fitch & Leedes and Hunters Gold.

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